22 Most Extraordinary Hats at Pippa Middleton’s Wedding

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No British wedding is complete without some really exquisite millinery. While American weddings focus mostly on shoes and jewelry, English nuptials require guests to wear a great variety of other accessories – fascinators, headbands, hair pieces and, of course, hats. As expected, at Pippa and James Matthews’ wedding all the above mentioned head pieces didn’t disappoint. Pippa rocked a gentle veil from Stephen Jones Milliner, while her elegant guests showed off toppers decorated with lace, frills and feathers. Here are the most stunning hats from Pippa and James’ Berkshire ceremony.

#1 Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton rocked an exquisite head piece from none other than Alexander McQueen. She’s looking more dapper than ever in this gentle hat!

#2 Donna Air’

Donna Air’

White is definitely the go-to color when you want to look neat and stylish. Donna Air’s simple, yet elegant hat completes her lovely look.

#3 Princess Eugenie of York

Princess Eugenie of York

Princess Eugenie of York obviously doesn’t really care about all the hype surrounding hats. While her Juliette Botterill hat might not be that astounding, her Paul Ka navy dress is certainly among the most stunning garments we’ve seen on the event.

#4 ‘too exquisite’

‘too exquisite’

\nThere’s no such thing as ‘too exquisite’ when it comes to weddings and millinery!

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